Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today was my first day of work at McDonald's. And it proved to be incredibly boring. Eight of us from project crammed into a tiny crew room and watched videos on a computer for four and a half hours. Hopefully actually working there proves to be a little bit more exciting.

Throughout the summer we are studying Mark at our large group meetings and in our Bible studies. Last night we had our first night of Bible study, which was really good. Since I've gotten here, I have been learning more about relying on God and finding my identity in Him and who He sees me as. I am excited to get out on the beach and share God's love with people throughout the summer as well as building relationships with my coworkers. Tonight our impact group, which is our women's Bible study plus a men's Bible study, is doing our outreach at a soup kitchen here in town. I am excited to see what God does. Thanks for all of your prayers!

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