Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Agape Love

This week's theme is agape love and we have been learning how it affects our view of God, our view of ourselves, and our view of others. God has been showing me His unconditional love and that His love is given because of the character of the source not because of the worthiness of the recipient. It has really helped me to love others when I think about the fact that God has agape love for them--He delights in them, He is not disappointed in them, and He created them exactly how He wants them to be. If I keep that in mind when interacting with others, it's a lot easier to love them.

A big change takes place this week...our staff team leaves on Friday. That means that students will take over leadership positions. I was chosen to take over as the Bible study leader for our group. So I will be leading Bible study once a week as well as discipling the other three women in our study. It will definitely be a challenge for me, especially with managing my team as I work full time and take on these additional responsibilities. But I am excited to see how God uses these women in my life and how He may use me in theirs.

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